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    The Premier Merchant Service Provider.

    AmeriBanc National

    Free Equipment Placement

    A+ BBB Rating

    Merchant Services

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    By 2017 less than 23% of all
    transactions will be in cash

    Business experts project less than 15% of Small Businesses
    will be equipped to accept EMV/Chip cards by end of 2015
    and anticipate credit card fees to be drastically increased
    for merchants who have not met the deadline until such time as
    they do upgrade their equipment at the check-out counter…

    Most small businesses are unhappy with the cost or service
    they receive from their current Merchant Service Company

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    At AmeriBanc we are committed

    to helping you enhance the business you're building

    Let us help you identify the benefits
    of specific payment services for your unique business

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    At AmeriBanc you can expect:

    24-7 Support

    A team of highly trained sales and support staff

    The ability to get your money FASTER (Next Day Deposits)

    Control over your service (Month-to-Month)

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    Our sales team makes

    us different

    We look for the best

    and the brightest

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AmeriBanc National (ABN) is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA
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EMV Upgrade Services

Visa and MasterCard both assign a "Liability Shift" to merchants that accept fraudulent transactions if they do not have an EMV Terminal

Credit/Debit Card Procesing

AmeriBanc National offers Free Processing Equipment Placement along with our World Class processing service. We cater to the small-medium size businesses, allowing them to utilize the payment technologies that are usually only afforded by the larger stores.

Groovv Offers

A.M.P. up your business with Text-Based Marketing. Acquire New Customers Every offer is shareable, making it easy for your customers to spread the word.

Merchant Cards

Whether you use them as traditional gift cards or in one of the various other highly effective ways we can show you, we have a Merchant Card Solution for your business.

Mobile Solutions

Coming to the aid of mobile merchants everywhere, AmeriBanc offers the latest and greatest in mobile processing technology.

Merchant Loans

From time to time, businesses may run into situations that warrant the need for a little extra help or a little push. Let us help you out.

Internet / Authorize.Net

Integrate your online shopping cart. Authorize.net can be utilized by online merchants who are looking to accept payments over the internet for their products and/or services.