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What we look for in a Candidate

AmeriBanc is looking for the same thing you are and that is a good match. A good match is between your skill set and abilities with our program and compensation plan. We're looking for individuals who understand the basic fundamentals of a strong work ethic, importance of product knowledge and the ability to manage their own time and attitude effectively!

  • Ability to Establish Rapport with Business Owners

  • Ability to Establish and Recognize Customer Needs

  • Ability to Motivate Self

  • Ability to Maintain Success

Open positions

You don't have to have an extensive sales background to be successful in this role! In fact, several successful AmeriBanc National Sales Consultants have come from various different backgrounds. Consider a career change from the Military, Customer Service, Real Estate or Insurance, to name a few!

"Earn large weekly commissions for yourself and learn how to create recurring, Monthly Residual Income for the rest of your life with AmeriBanc, just like I did."
David P., IL

AmeriBanc National has been an industry leader since 2004 providing much needed financial services to the small-medium sized business sector, where nearly every owner can benefit significantly with our services.

Candidate Requirements
  • Relevant outside sales experience (2-5 years is preferred, but not necessary.)

  • Strong communication skills and the ability to give compelling presentations

  • Demonstrated closing skills (Trial Closing, Asking for Sale, Needs Analysis, etc)

  • Coachable and Teachable approach to Systematic Sales Success

  • Relevant outside sales experience

Our Consultants benefit from the following:
  • Preset Appointments

  • Fast Start Bonus

  • Ability to earn DAILY, Weekly & Monthly Bonuses

  • Powerful Industry Sales Training

AmeriBanc National is different from the competition.
  • We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau - Look us up AND our competitors to judge for yourself.

  • We train our people to become CONSULTANTS and truly learn the industry

  • AmeriBanc has a "Graduate" program for you to become an Independent Agent - learn how to build Residual Wealth Income

  • We sell our Customers on VALUE vs. PRICE - We show our customers how to BUILD their BUSINESS REVENUES in ADDITION to lowering their processing costs

Ameribanc is looking for experienced inside phone professionals to join our call centers and learn our industry. If you possess the skills and are an experienced outbound caller, this will be your last stop. We offer an enhanced training program.

Job Description:

Partner up with one of our top outside sales agents and assist them in the daily sales process of our business. You will be responsible for calling businesses directly, discussing our services and then getting our agent to meet with the client face to face to finalize the deal

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