Merchant Cards

Merchant Cards open doors to new customers and increased profits. There are multiple ways to utilize Merchant Cards to create customer loyalty and to market your business in new and exciting ways.
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Merchant Cards

Everyone is familiar with a traditional Gift Card Program.

Yet, not all small to medium-sized businesses have one in place. Some retailers still offer paper "Gift Certificates". AmeriBanc not only makes Gift Cards readily available to the smaller merchants, but also introduces multiple alternative uses for these cards that most businesses out there have never even dreamed of. This makes this an important addition to your marketing arsenal.

How to Use Merchant Cards ???

1. Traditional Gift Cards - (Network Marketing)
2. Refund Cards - (Customer Loyalty Marketing)
3. Marketing Cards - (Market to NEW customers)

Private Label Marketing Cards

Our Business Owners use this to BUILD their business also in 4 ways

  • 1 Use them as traditional Gift Cards – easy

  • 2 Use them as Refund/Rebate Cards – smart

  • 3 Use them as New Customer Invites – brilliant!

  • 4 Cross-Market with other Business Owners – GENIUS!

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