Merchant Loans

On Deck is a True business loan that makes the lending application process simple, allowing business owners fast access to much needed funds.
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Merchant Loans

Fast access to Cash for your business.

Easy to PreQualify
  • 2 Years in Business
  • $2000 Avg Bank Balance
  • 500 FICO Score Minimum
  • $8500 Total Monthly Revenue
  • Bankruptcies over 4 years closed

On Deck and AmeriBanc National offer a true business loan that will help build your business credit. On Deck employs a technology that focuses on the true health of your business and not just your credit score.

Unlike "Cash Advance"-type loans, On Deck is an actual "Loan Device" which allows for a lower interest rate. This makes an On Deck loan about HALF of the cost of a "Cash Advance".

On Deck Typical Uses:

  • $5000 to $150,000 Loan Programs
  • Approval decisions as fast as 1 day
  • Funding as fast as 2 days
  • Half the cost of "Cash Advances"